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BAlance Favors the bold

Available now in Georgia


The phrase “Steady Hand to Victory” is a translation of the gaelic family motto from the coat of arms of our company’s founders going back to 16th Century Ireland.

The motto is about strongly pursuing our dreams and upholding our principles. It conveys our commitment to quality and making the best beer possible. We love that beer is an extension of what is grown in the fields.

Consistency, quality, taste and drinkability are paramount and can only be achieved through honesty, integrity, hard work
and dedication to our craft.

Our Beer




We strive to be adventurous and creative, while keeping our beers balanced.
In the end, our beers focus on drinkability.


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Paradise Waits
India Pale Ale

Our India Pale Ale is a lush balance between citrus, lingering pine,
and crisp bitterness.

Available on draft. Cans coming soon.

Georgia Farmhouse Ale

Our take on the traditional Belgian-style farmhouse ale, with organic grits. Rustic with a refreshing complexity.

Available on draft. Cans coming soon.


Flower Business
Double IPA

Hazy orange in color. Bright, juicy, hop flavor with notes of fresh-squeezed citrus, tropical fruit, sweet peach, and subtle pine.

Available on draft. Cans coming soon.



Building our community of fans and supporters of the brewery and becoming a colorful part of the fabric of the community in which we reside is of the utmost importance to us. We want to create something special, memorable, and valuable by forming a bond with and serving the community. We want to be a gathering place, a place of comfort and inspiration, welcoming and accessible, a source of pride.


Brian Sullivan


As the former Head Brewer at 3 Sheeps Brewing in WI, and Chef at Pyramid Brewing in CA, Brian brings a culinary approach to his award winning beers. Coupled with his background in microbiology and chemistry, he understands the essential connection of art and science in creating flavorful, balanced beers.


Kevin Sullivan


Kevin's no stranger to the world of beer business and commercial real estate. His expertise in business development, marketing, sales,
and management nearly rival his love for beer, music, and the
great outdoors.


RAndy Wise

Engineer/Operations Manager

Braun, beer, and brainpower define Randy. As an engineer with 15+ years of homebrewing experience, he's an integral part of Steady Hand's commitment to quality and craft.